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email to: bishops@chess4321.com

Looking to hire a programmer

2021-04-29 10:22:47

We are looking to hire a programmer and developer for www.chess4321.com website. Payment on an income share basis. Job duties will be to improve the website and "engine" of the game "Bishops, The Game". Please send resume. We delete new users unless $12 USD is sent to accounting department.( via email transfer ) This will give you a one year subscription. If you wish to sign up with 4 logins just send us an email. Then you can keep the 4 logins for 1 year with 4 different real emails. (ie gmail) For example if a family of 4 wants to play on 4 computers or 4 friends. Also by loading 4 separate browsers or using incognito browsers to login a… Read More